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ePHOTOzine Nears 1.6 Million Unique Users

ePHOTOzine now recieves almost 1.6 million unique visitors a month!

Posted on 01, 03 2011

Press Release:

Two of the UK’s leading online and offline media companies have formed a new strategic partnership to offer ‘a unique and pioneering opportunity’ to all imaging industry advertisers and almost a million shared readers a month.

The ten year old, award-winning ePHOTOzine photography website, founded by author and former editor, Peter Bargh, will work with Photo Professional Magazine, Digital SLR Magazine and Advanced Photographer Magazine owners, Bright Publishing, to provide a brand new ‘one-stop shop’ interface for the entire sector.

Andy Brogden, joint publishing director at Bright, said: “This is not a merger it is simply a commercial initiative; an alliance that has evolved following months of talks about how both companies can optimise their positions in the marketplace and provide readers and advertisers with a highly compelling brand new deal.

ePHOTOzine’s massive presence in the online space and our extensive print copy coverage of novice, advanced amateur and professional photographer markets will offer, for the first time in the UK, a truly massive joint outreach with a combined potential readership of almost a million a month. This is a win-win deal for all parties. There is nothing out there that can compete with these numbers.”

He added: “The partnership will share resources to provide sector advertisers with a brand new joint route to market with discounted group rate offers plus a unique opportunity for readers to access unrivalled archival content for product news and reviews and exclusive connections with their colleagues and mentors across the photo-community. It’s a one stop shop covering the print and online space.”

Tracey Johnson, MD at ePHOTOzine said: “This is a very exciting time for both organisations. Our ten years of experience as the leading online photography magazine, alongside Bright’s widely-acclaimed offline expertise means we can now offer a complete portfolio from beginner photographers through to professionals. This online/offline mix strengthens our photographic propositions creating a new and unique opportunity for our collective audience.”

Tracey added: “Between the two companies lies a vast knowledge bank which can now be exploited to the full. With key editors like Terry Hope, Peter Bargh, Will Cheung and Roger Payne, backed by a burgeoning team of expert contributors, we know we have some of the best editing and writing talent in the sector – and the recent launch of Bright’s Advanced Photographer title fits perfectly with our ePHOTOzine online audience.”

Matt Pluck, joint publishing director at Bright said: “We believe this initiative is just what the industry needs in 2011. For once, two media owners have got together to share resources for the common good. Now our journalists can attend product launches and within minutes have that news up online to a huge audience, followed up with extensive and comprehensive reviews in the print options.”